Wood Fence

Wood Fence

Wood Board on Board Fencing

Board on Board wood fencing features overlapping pickets that create a completely private section of fence, making it one of the few wood fencing styles that offer maximum privacy and security. The design not only provides a robust barrier but also adds a classic, timeless look to your property. This type of fencing is ideal for homeowners who value privacy without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance and excellent resistance to wind and other elements.

Wood Stockade Fencing

Stockade wood fencing consists of vertical boards with pointed tops installed without any spacing between them, ensuring maximal privacy. This traditional fencing style is perfect for those who want to create a secure and private outdoor space. The solid barrier it forms is also effective in reducing noise and providing a sense of seclusion. Additionally, stockade fencing adds a rustic charm to any property, enhancing its overall appearance.

Wood Shadowbox Fencing

Wooden shadowbox fencing is one of the most popular wood fence styles on the market today. This design combines privacy with added wind flow and visibility, making it an excellent choice for various environments. The alternating picket design allows air to pass through, reducing wind resistance while still providing a good level of privacy. Many cities within Broward County require this type of fencing due to its balanced functionality and attractive appearance. It’s a versatile option that fits well in both residential and commercial settings.

Wood Picket Fencing

Wooden picket fencing has been a standard in American yards for many years and is available in a variety of picket choices and colors. This iconic fencing style is perfect for defining property boundaries without obstructing views, making it ideal for front yards and gardens. Picket fences add a charming, nostalgic look to any property while providing functional benefits like keeping pets and children within the yard. With numerous customization options, wood picket fencing can be tailored to match any home’s aesthetic.