Fence Permits


At Power Fence Inc, we recognize fencing permits can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially in a region with diverse local regulations like Broward County. As a fully licensed and insured fencing company, we are intimately familiar with the zoning laws and building codes specific to each city within the area. This local expertise is crucial in managing and streamlining the permit process for our clients, ensuring that every fencing project we undertake is compliant and efficiently executed.


To begin the permit process, Power Fence Inc conducts a detailed survey of your property. This survey is critical as it maps out precise fence lines, ensuring that the proposed fence will not violate any property boundaries or local regulations. Following the survey, our team compiles all necessary documentation required by your local city or municipality. This documentation often includes design specifications, material details, and a site plan, among others. Our thorough preparation and submission of these documents streamline the permit approval process, significantly reducing the potential for delays or rejections.


For a small fee, Power Fence Inc handles the entire permit acquisition process on your behalf. We submit the application along with the prepared documents to the appropriate authorities and manage all follow-up interactions. This service is designed to free our clients from the bureaucratic aspects of fence installations, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their property improvement projects. Once the permit is obtained, we proceed with the fence installation, adhering strictly to the approved plans and local building standards.


Our commitment does not end with the installation. Power Fence Inc ensures that the completed project adheres to all the stipulations outlined in the permit. This attention to detail guarantees that you will pass the final inspection without any issues. Our goal is to leave you with a professionally installed fence that not only meets your needs and aesthetic preferences but also complies fully with local regulations, thereby enhancing the value and legality of your property improvement.

Need a New Fence?

By choosing Power Fence Inc for your fencing needs, you benefit from our service that covers all aspects of the process, from initial survey and permit application to final inspection and approval. This all-inclusive approach ensures a hassle-free experience, delivering a high-quality fence installation that meets all legal requirements and exceeds your expectations. Contact us now to get started!