Wood Fencing in South Florida

Wooden Fence

Commercial and Residential Wood Fencing.

Wood fences are attractive and natural, and will add character to your property. Many styles and types of standard picket are available. You can have one of our experienced professionals design a custom fence to meet your needs. Using top grade pressure treated wood, we design, manufacture, and install all your traditional or custom wood fence.

Wood Fence Styles

Stockade Fence

The Stockade Fence Style is a simple traditional fence design making it very economical. This simple style does not leave pronounced open spaces between pickets; therefore this style offers lots of privacy. Stockade Fence style have a traditional appeal and have been very popular in the states for decades.

Board on Board Fence

The Board on Board Fence Style is the fence design that provides with the most privacy out of all. It’s built with pickets placed right next to each other with an additional picket placed over in between them. Board on Board Fence style has become a contemporary fence design providing most privacy. It has a neighbor side (the good side) and your side (the post and rail side).

Shadowbox Fence

The Shadowbox Fence Style also known as “Good Neighbor Fence” creates a friendly for any property. Pickets are placed on either side of the fence rail, spaced so they block vision but still allow airflow through the fence. Solid fences provide little protection from wind flowing across large yards because the wind simply goes over the fence. Spaced boards, slats, louvers and/or lattice, break the wind up into smaller breezes creating effective protection in large open areas from stronger wind gusts.

Looking straight on at the fence it is not possible to see through the fence, but from a side angle there is visibility through the fence. This is a semi-private fence style. After many hurricanes strikes in Florida it has become Floridian’s first choice in fence styles.

Dog Ear Fence (Spaced or Spaceless)

The Solid Dog Ear style of wood fence can be constructed with no spaces between the pickets as shown below or with a space of your choice. The uniform and consistent pattern of fence pickets makes a shortened section invisible from the outside of fence. It has a neighbor side (the good side) and your side (the post and rail side).

This simple style, and others with spaces in-between the pickets, allows wind to pass freely through the fence.

Spaced French Gothic Fence

The Spaced French Gothic Fence style is a simple design making it very economical. Posts do not have to be concreted on a light fence style such as this. The spaced wood picket fence makes this style an attractive addition to your landscaping. It is suitable for defining property lines or strictly for ornamentation in the corner of your lot. It serves well as a background to a flower bed. Economical because of it’s simplicity of the design. If built on site, follows grades easily and looks good. Has a neighbor side (the good side) and your side (the post and rail side) as opposed to some styles that are the same on both sides

Wood Rail -Equestrian Fence

Wood Rail Fence and board Fence ( also known as plank fence) use the least amount of wood, making them well suited for larger, more open areas of land. Rail fencing is used to contain livestock or serve as a boundary marker. If an informal, open, natural and rustic-looking fence is what you are looking for, then post and rail fencing is the solution. We offer equestrian fencing or systems to fit nearly every need and budget from the high tensile wire Flex-Fence, flexible rail fencing, Rigid PVC, electric fencing, Non-Climb and Wire Mesh fences

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fence is one of the most cost effective styles to demarcate vast areas of property boundaries, decorating property, and fencing in livestock and horses without obstructing the view of the landscape.Split rail fence is very rustic in appearance. Each rail and post come in a slightly different size and shape. For the customers who prefer a uniform and consistent low-maintenance fence, this style is available in vinyl or pvc product


Dog Ear Pickets are the most used and traditional picket style. Picket tops are cut-off at an angle, providing a ‘dog-ear’ to the fence picket.

Flat Pickets are the most simple picket style. Picket tops are straight and flat, providing a uniform and straight fence outline.

Gothic Pickets are the most elaborated picket style. Picket tops are in shape of rounded arrow tip.