Choosing Your Next Aluminum Fence

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences offer more weather resistance, protection and afforability of traditional metal fencing available. Aluminum fences are available in a wide variety of decorative fence styles, powder coating colors, dimensions and aluminum adorments that add elegance and value to any property. In South Florida the most popular metal used for fencing is made out of aluminum extrusions which could be welded or mechanical fence. Aluminum fencing has proved to perform better than any other metal fence material for the Southeastern U.S. region climate. No other fence will outlast, decorate and enhance any project for residential or commercial applications.

Power Fence, Inc carries two fence lines for your choice:

The Mechanical aluminum fence line is Mechanical Fence System (assamble with fastners) recommended for residential applications. All fence components are made out of aluminum castings or pvc uv coated castings.

The Welded aluminum fence line is Welded Fence Structure. All fence components are made out of aluminum castings.

Power Fence, Inc offers several fence styles to meetprivacy, security and safety. Our designs meet pool fence safety codes (Boca). “Perfect for swimming pools”

Industrial and Commercial Heavy Duty Fence features engineer approved thick wall posts, rails and pickets extending above the top rail of the fence section with pressed point pickets. A pressed point picket fence is considered a security fence. Pressed Point picket Fence are made out of aluminum or steel metals.

Power Fence, Inc provides with the best workmanship in fabrication and installation for aluminum fence or ornamental gates.

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Ornamental Gates

Power Fence, Inc offers ornamental gates providing with the most decorative designs and great touch of caracter for the entrance of any property. A statement of elegance and security will distinguished your property with any our custom ornamental gates. All custom or standard aluminum fence styles have matching gates available that are fabricated by master welders and engineers.

Power Fence, Inc is able to fabricate from your ideas or from our custom and innovative aluminum gate designs.

Ornamental Driveway gates are both beautiful and functional, while enhancing your property value. The entrance to your property begins at the driveway and there is no better first impression than a formal entrance. Beyond, the beauty of driveway gate is the added security!

Swing and Rolling Gates are by far the most used. The elegance of these gates can be further enhanced with decorative elements such as Aluminum Finals,Castings and Scrolls .

Cantilever sliding gates are also an attractive and effective option depending of the configuration and area where it will be installed.

Both swing gates, rolling gates and cantilever style gates can be manually operated or automated with one of our gate operators.

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Commercial Graded Metal Fence

Our commercial and Industrial Fence offers maximum security for high traffic areas.

There are mostly used for office complexes, hotels, condominiums, corporate headquarters, universities, hospitals, cemeteries, and other light industrial and commercial uses. Their combination of low maintenance, competitive pricing, superior strength, outstanding quality, and a warranty ensures long durability and cost effective.

Aluminum Fence has the advantage of being a lower cost fencing solution. It blends in with your surroundings containing what you want and need, but without feeling “enclosed”. In fact, as a pool fence, aluminum fence enhances your view and blends well with your landscaping!

Aluminum fence styles come in various configurations. Following are a few of the standard styles of aluminum fence we offer to our clients.

Power Fence, Inc provides with the best workmanship in fabrication and installation for aluminum fence or ornamental gates.