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We're a Delray Beach Fence Company

Here at Power Fence, we hold ourselves to a higher standard than most Delray Beach fence companies. We're a family owned company with decades of experience installing all kinds of fences, rails, gates and more in Delray Beach and all other cities within Broward and Palm Beach Counties within South Florida. It's our goal to provide a superior level of fence contracting and fence installation services unmatched by any of our peers in Delray Beach, FL.

When you hire us for your next fencing installation project, you can be 100% certain that you're in good hands. We handle every step of the process including fence project measuring, fence permit filing, fence material purchasing, fence installation and ultimately fence permit resolution. All you have to do is sign our contract and pay us, we take care of everything else.

Fencing installation in Delray Beach, FL

Installing fences in Delray Beach and surrounding cities in both Broward and Palm Beach Counties is our specialty. We're a fully licensed and insured fence contracting company that has installed 100's of fencing, railing and gate projects across South Florida for over two decades. We are equipped to handle absolutely any type of fence installation including vinyl fence installation, aluminum fence installation, wood fence installation, chain-link fence installation and any type of specialty fence product that you can think of.

Delray Beach has strict rules and regulations that need to be followed when applying for a fence permit. Each property is different and therefore, each fence permit application is different. Since we have so much experience installing fences in Delray Beach, we're well versed in working with both the Delray Beach building department and the Delray Beach zoning department on any and all issues that stand in the way of you obtaining your Delray Beach fencing permit.

Fence style options for Delray Beach, FL

The four most common style of fences in Delray Beach are vinyl fence, aluminum fence, wood fence and chain-link fence. Each one of these fencing materials has several style, color and height variations available. Our fencing service representatives will discuss the various options in your initial project consultation. Be aware that some sub-divisions and home-owners associations located in Delray Beach only allow certain styles or certain colors to be installed on properties within their borders.

Not only do we install fencing in Delray Beach, we also install railing in Delray Beach and custom welded gates in Delray Beach. Our sister company, Fence Distributors of Delray Beach, is a fully equipped welding and fabrication shop that can create pretty much any type of hand-railing, balcony railing, stair railing or custom walk or drive gate that you can think of. They also make the gate portion of electronically operated entry systems that we also install.

WHY HIRE POWER FENCE FOR YOUR NEXT Delray Beach fence project

South Florida fencing installation with sun in background

Power Fence is a family owned Delray Beach fence company that has serviced Broward and Palm Beach Counties in South Florida for over two decades. We never use sub-contractors for our fencing installation services, all of our expert installers have worked exclusively with us for years. They care about every project, every homeowner and every post they put in the ground.

That's what sets us apart from other fencing contractors in Delray Beach who mostly use sub-contractors that couldn't care less about their quality of work. When you hire Power Fence, you know you're getting the best fencing products and services that your money can buy. Contact us right now for a free consultation.


Power Fence is a local licensed fencing contractor providing fence services throughout Broward County.

There are quite a few fence companies in Broward County, it's pretty difficult to know which one to hire for your next fencing installation project. It's important to make the right choice, as a mistake can cost you a significant amount of time and money. That's why at Power Fence, we do everything in our power to ensure every homeowner in Broward County that contacts us is provided with the highest level of customer service and, ultimately the most professional fencing installation services available in the Broward County market.

We're an experienced fence contracting company with years of accumulating extremely specific knowledge of Broward fence, rail, and gate installation codes, and laws. Since there are some cities and sub-divisions in Broward County that are very restrictive in which fencing products they allow, it's important that you hire a licensed company that actually knows the intricacies involved in the fencing permit acquisition process.

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Power Fence is a local licensed fencing contractor providing fence services throughout Palm Beach County.

Palm Beach County is big, much bigger than Broward County - which makes it really difficult to find the right fence company. Fortunately, we're 100% competent with Palm Beach's fencing installation building codes, zoning codes and the many specific requirements of all municipalities with Palm Beach. Over the years, we've installed 100's of fences all the way from Boca Raton to Jupiter and we intend to install 100's more in the future.

Unlike Broward County, Palm Beach County has very few dedicated fence contractors. Here at Power Fence, we pride ourselves on being one of those very few servicing some cities in Palm Beach County. Our business is licensed and insured to pull permits and install fencing, railing, and gates in every city in both the incorporated and unincorporated Palm beach.

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